Unique dolphin therapy rehabilitation center

years of experience in training of dolphins

rehabilitation therapists and trainers

courses of treatment and therapy

positive results

1. Positive effect on the reproductive system and infertility treatment.
2. Strengthening of the immune functions, the immunity improvement and hormone level stabilization.
3. Ultrasound prevents the emergence of various fetus malformations and pathologies and improve the physical fetal development
Stress release and mood improvement. Revitalization after the first session. Adults feel full of energy, a rage to live and actively work just after 3-5 minutes with a dolphin in water.
The level of “happy hormones” rises and reward centers in the brain get activated.
Make the top 10 of most effective methods of rehabilitation.
Positive changes results 4 times faster than those of traditional rehabilitation.
Dolphin therapy is the controlled and dosed contact of a human and a dolphin in order to reach a therapeutic effect.
Dolphin therapy is a method of medical and psychological rehabilitation and remedial interventions for children suffering from various developmental disabilities.

How is the effect achieved?

Due to the ultrasound produced by dolphins: improvements of the metabolism at the cellular level, the brain activity (its bioelectric activity), blood supply and better supply of tissues with oxygen and useful substances, also surplus moisture removing.

By communicating with playful and cheerful dolphins: patients liberate themselves, overcome self-isolation, self-absorbed, can easier be socialized, etc.

Who is indicated for dolphin therapy?

Children and teens suffering from:

  1. Psycho-speech delays;
  2. Autism;
  3. Down syndrome;
  4. Chronic fatigue syndrome;
  5. Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder;
  6. Anorexia nervosa;
  7. Infantile cerebral paralysis;
  8. Enuresis;
  9. Phobias.

Adults suffering from:

  1. Depression;
  2. Psychological trauma, stressful situations;
  3. Migraines;
  4. Victim rehabilitation after acts of violence, assassination attempts, etc.
  5. Infertility.

Pregnant women, the gestational age of 12 – 30 weeks

to prevent developmental pathologies and strengthen health of future child.