3 years ago, mother of small Alena heard, as it seemed to her, a diagnosis-sentence – mental and speech delay. The girl experienced hypoxia during childbirth, and for a long time the doctors had been supervising the child state without making a clear conclusion.

For 3 years Svetlana Valentinovna has got through a lot: to make Alena say her first word, courses of pills and injections were needed. After there was a minor dynamic, the woman fought for the daughter’s happiness with renewed energy. This summer Svetlana brought her daughter to the Dolphinium.

The avoidant, unsocial child has changed, according to her mother, after 10 sessions of communication with nice dolphins and a course of physiotherapy. Of course, the girl was not completely cured because the case was rather complicated, but there was a big progress in her development: her vocabulary extended, Alena became more active and courageous with peers, learnt counting, her first letters and syllables, also improved her fine motor skills – all doctors, therapists and educators emphasize that.

Alena’s mom does not hide her enthusiasm: ”Such progress was not achieved even after expensive drugs, even after electrophoresis! And my daughter is delighted! No pain, no tears. The smile and the joy are given by such communication. Where and when can you swim with dolphins for so long? Alena had a unique opportunity. Thank you all for bringing us hope for the future of our children! A lot of people you have already helped. I am lost for words!”